The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud integrates the optimum available features of both Ektron and Episerver platforms, resulting in a best-in-class experience with limitless possibilities for website owners. If your digital services are on Ektron you should consider upgrading to the next generation platform. 

About the merger

The merger with Episerver was reached in May 2015 when Episerver revealed a merging of the best Ektron and Episerver offerings plus the addition of new capabilities in the Digital Experience Cloud.  Although the Ektron platform is continued to be supported by Episerver and will not make a sudden disappearance, it’s important to note that upgrading to Episerver will come with new opportunities for customers in new directions.

Digital business success relies on continuous innovation with a customer centric approach; deeply understanding customer expectations, their needs, and anticipating their future needs. This is where you are most likely to feel the merger. Episerver promises to enhance their platform to keep up with future demands, whereas Ektron will fall behind.   

Why migrate to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud?

Adopting the latest in Episerver technology presents a great opportunity for both marketers and developers. The migration to Episerver is perfect when you are at a stage of seeking to realign business objectives to the needs of the customer. The converged platform opens up an exciting future that will provide site owners with capabilities to help them provide optimum customer experiences.

Above all, Episerver DXC offers boosted functionality, performance, scalability and security above Ektron. 

Other key benefits of migrating include:

- Advanced web content management
- Content personalisation
- Multichannel digital and intelligent marketing
- Extensive connectivity capabilities
- Enhanced ecommerce capabilities
- On page editing
- Content previews on multiple devices
- No account or editor limit
- Easy software upgrades
- Continuous software releases
- Automated deployments
- Investment in AI technology
- Access to product add ons

Pricing benefits:

- Episerver is offering current Ektron customers a trade in on their existing Ektron licenses against the cost of Episerver.  
- Episerver is competitively priced against it's core competitors and requires less man power to run in BAU.
- Episerver offers a managed service, meaning it’s a managed environment (no in-house infrastructure support team required).
- Upgrading from Ektron offers a cost effective and swift, painless migration.

How to upgrade to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud?

This is one of our core service offering here at 1990 Digital. We are highly experienced at helping clients migrate to different systems (particularly Ektron) and adding new value for customers and marketing, digital and IT teams.

As a partner of Episerver we have a certified team with a proven methodology that simplifies the project process without compromising your day to day operations.  From discovery, implementation and migration through to handover and support and maintenance we leave no stone unturned. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, upgrades are usually completed within 3-6 months.   

We pride ourselves on our close collaboration with our clients and think of ourselves as our client’s virtual digital team.

Thinking about moving from Ektron to Episerver DXC? Talk to us!