Episerver, the global software company launched it’s first CMS platform over 20 years ago in 1997. Since then, there’s been plenty of releases. We are currently up to version 11 of Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce and the company has promised to provide updates to it’s platform much more regularly. For many companies, taking the time to upgrade to the latest version of Episerver is an unnecessary project and simply not worth it. Wrong. It is absolutely necessary and here’s why you need to consider it.

Hosting your digital services and website on an old version of Episerver is risky. Your website is your shop front and having your shop front built on tech that’s years out of date can be troublesome. The value created with the launch of your first Episerver product decreases the very next day. As years go by and no real improvements are made, your customers will start to realise. Meanwhile, your rivals refresh their own projects, luring your customers away.

Here’s three reasons why you should keep your Episerver platform up to date:

Firstly – Development. Upgrading to the most recent version of Episerver allows you to be at the absolute forefront of development. We are in the age of technological advancement and it’s happening more quickly than ever. Episerver is no different. Episerver prides themselves on staying on top of the game, consistently making improvements to their products and staying ahead of their competitors. After all, that’s one of the reasons you purchased their product in the first place, right? As technology evolves so does the Episerver CMS and you must evolve with them to get the most out of your investment. 

Upgrades and releases enable you to keep your platform fresh and ahead of the curve, allowing you to unlock the latest innovative features, giving you all the tools for attracting, engaging and converting your customers. The high value of your website and platform will persist.

Keeping up to date with the latest version of Episerver also means you wont have to crawl your way back to the frontier of CMS development when the time does come. Think of it like a smart phone - the longer you take to upgrade to the latest version of iOS or Android, the harder it is and the longer it takes to update.  

Secondly – Performance. Every upgrade Episerver releases is a performance improvement. The speed of a website directly affects engagement and conversions and is the single most important deciding factor between a good and bad website. A fast, well functioning site with smooth transitions is what your customers expect. keep your customers happy and keep them coming back.  

Episerver upgrades also contain bug fixes so you wont have to worry about technical failures.

Thirdly – Security and support. Sitting on any outdated system is a big security risk. Hackers and cyber criminals often target outdated software simply because they are an easy target – it is less onerous to hack than an updated system and the users are more numerous.

Staying on an older version of Episerver means you will not get support for some of the legacy components. If problems do arise with your system (which is probable due to the above reasons) you will not receive any help from Episerver and the problems will be harder to fix.  

How 1990 Digital will manage your upgrade
We at 1990 Digital are Episerver upgrade experts and keeping you and your business ahead in the digital age is what we do best.

We always start these projects with an assessment of your current state. We take the time understand your business goals and your current tech stack on not just Episerver but any other systems it may be integrating to.

Once we have established a clear view, we work with you to map out the best solution for your business, considering not only new modules/features, but also add ons that may be provide you with that competitive advantage your seeking. 

We will provide an estimate for the work we have carefully spec’d with your business leads, with a clear roadmap to achieving your upgrade in the most efficient manner.

Once the estimate has been approved, 1990 will manage and execute the full upgrade from design to development to testing to releases, in an agile manner, allowing your business to collaborate on the journey and see timely progress of agreed sprint deliverables. This allows your business to focus on its day to day activities, with minimal disruption to your BAU. 1990 can also provide training and support to your developers and content administrators to again ensure a minimal disruption to your business as usual.

Our goal at 1990 is to simply the complexities, our team of certified and trained Episerver developers and content administrators, as well as our various project resources live by this mantra and have many examples of successful implementations. See our work. 

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