Financial Services

Create reporting dashboards, integrate all data sources to enable client to track online (eg: Digital) and offline (eg: Phone) performance. Recommended appropriate tool to grab all these data sources and present in one dashboard tool for the channel marketing team to run its business activities from.

Run discovery process to determine client's requirements, configure funnel reporting and dashboard metrics in GA, integrate GA UTM (Tracking Module) to clients CRM to track full customer journey and pipeline.  Further, the client had asked our staff to recommend the appropriate cloud based reporting tool and configure all multiple sources to create a single view to track conversion of lead to settlement, Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), source traffic, and all available variables.

Our staff recommended client use Klipfolio as its dashboarding tool and configured external data points from GA, CRM, media agency, call tracking company, data warehouse, marketing automation, CMS and created a holistic reporting suite. The client's channel marketing team is now able to track its paid spend vs organic, and measure its effectiveness to settled lead. This dashboard is available across all products and is now the client’s sole source for tracking its performance, rapidly changing its media buying strategy, making agile changes based on insights to its website based on funnel and user journey reporting. Conversion rate of its two major product sets has gone up 49% and 38% respectively.