Shipping, Marine, Logistics

Global Group operating in 60 countries (Dubai headquarters)

Website migration and full rebuild from Episerver CMS version 4.0 to the latest version including content migration.

Global Corporate website with 3,000 pages that hosts content of the Group's 100+ legal entities, 300+ offices, 40 services.  Training of global content administrators based at Singapore office. Integrations include:

1. The Group's HR Application has been integrated with Episerver CMS in such a way that any Master data updated within the HR system are synced to the CMS (I.e. a new office opens up in Sydney and this data gets entered into the HR Application. The system will then automatically create an "Office page" within the Episerver page for content authors to review and publish.

2. Text messaging tool – The Episerver website has an SMS broadcasting function used to send out to subscribers when a "Breaking news" is published in the CMS.

3. Mobile app – The Episerver API is used within a mobile app to display Company News published within the CMS

The website was successfully rebuilt into the latest version of Episerver and all relevant content and assets migrated successfully.

The consolidated website is now managed in house contributing to a  60% reduction in development costs. Content authors now have complete control over their customer experiences allowing them to communicate with their customers  constantly, consistently and seamlessly.